OSEVA Development and Research Ltd.

   Main activities of our company are agricultural, environmental and renewable energy resource research and consultancy. The company is conducting a number of research project supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic or Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. Our company is collaborating with other research institutes, Universities  and other companies in the Czech Republic and abroad on research projects.

OSEVA Development and Research Ltd. meet the conditions of Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (2006/C 323/01).


Grassland Research Station at Rožnov-Zubří

Hamerská 698,

756 54, Zubří

Czech Republic


Phone: +420 571 658 195

Fax: +420 571 658 197

E-mail: zubri@oseva-vav.cz

Workplace Opava

Oilseed Research Institute

Purkyňova 6,

 746 01 Opava

Czech Republic


Phone: +420 553 624 160

Fax: +420 553 624 388

E-mail: opava@oseva-vav.cz